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EORI Number – Your Questions ANSWERED!

Every day I receive countless questions about shipping and customs, and I’ve noticed a lot of these questions refer specifically to the EORI scheme… so I’ve decided to create an article on that specifically – to clarify all the confusion once and for all. Let’s get to it! The Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI)… Read More
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  1. Andrew Minalto

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  1. Bobby Jenkins

    Hi Andrew,

    I’ve ordered 10,000 A5 gift boxes (empty) from China and paid for a DDP delivery arrangement. Total order cost $7,300 but the goods themselves only valued at $2,000 (the $5,300 difference was for the delivery and all taxes/duty)

    They’ve now arrived in the U.K. and the delivery company are asking me for my EORI number.

    Is this right? 

    I don’t intend on claiming any VAT / custom import taxes back - I just want to receive the delivery I’ve paid for!

    I’ve placed 2 other orders with China for other goods under DDP shipping and received both of them without any of this...

    You’re help would be greatly appreciated,